Bruneel Tire Factory is helping residents stay warm this winter

LEWISTON, ID - It's the season of giving and cold weather and Bruneel Tire Factory Managers are making it easy for the community to help keep residents warm.

Are your closets overflowing with unused coats? Well the Bruneel Tire Factory stores will gladly take them. Over the past four years, the two stores have happily donated roughly 8,000 coats to the Community Action Partnership Idaho Food Bank and are looking to donate another large sum this year.

"It's a great time of year to give back," said Lewiston Bruneel Tire Factory Manager Taylor Papworth. "Anytime is good, but especially during the holidays when people don't have anything start to want it. It's starts getting colder and you need the coats more."

"Rather than throwing your gently used coats away, bring them in so that somebody else can get some use out of them," said Lewiston Bruneel Tire Factory Operations Manager Bill Snyder. "It's been my experience, when we had smaller children, they outgrew them far before they wore out. So it's just a good idea to pass them along to someone that's not so fortunate."

"People are really struggling to provide for themselves," said Community Action Partnership Idaho Food Bank Manager Connie Grandbois. "So when they come in needing food, it's really nice to be able to offer them a warm coat."

Hundreds of coats that will be keeping residents warm this holiday.

"As long as people are bring coats in, we're going to collect them and bring them," said Snyder.

Every two weeks about 75-coats are donated and about 350-coats have been raised so far to supply the residents of Lewis, Nez Perce, Clearwater, Idaho and Latah counties.

"You want everybody to have a happy holiday and being warm is part of that," said Clarkston Bruneel Tire Factory Manager Gavin Brown. "A lot of people can't afford to do that so you donate and it makes them happy. It makes them have a better holiday."

If you'd like to donate a coat, you have until the 15th of January to do so.

"Come in, drop them in the box and be on your way," said Papworth.

Donations are accepted everyday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.