Bunko event raises $7,000 for Gritman Medical Ctr. Light a Candle Foundation

MOSCOW, ID - There are hundreds of ways to raise money for cancer patients, but one of the most successful fundraiser in Latah County includes dice, cabana boys, and lots of yelling.

Gritman Medical Center's 'Light a Candle Foundation' hosted its annual "Bunko for a Cause" event Thursday night at the Latah County Fairgrounds. If you're not familiar with "Bunko," it's a game similar to Yahtzee. Players take turns rolling dice to get three of a kind.

"Well it seems that everyone in Latah County loves Bunko, so it's just an easy win for everybody," said Gritman Massage Therapist Teleea Lundgren. "It's a great time and a good way to raise a lot of money."

Teleea Lundgren is a massage therapist at Gritman who gives therapeutic massages to people battling cancer. That's just one of the many services the Light a Candle Foundation helps Latah County cancer patients pay for. This event attracted over 100 Bunko players, and they raised more than $7,000.