Burglary and a high speed chase results in arrest following morning

CLARKSTON, WA - Casey Engle of Clarkston allegedly stole two handguns, jewelry and a Chevy Camaro from his neighbor at about ten o'clock Thursday night.

According to police, the Lewiston Police Department encountered Engle and chased him across the Interstate Bridge into Clarkston at speeds upwards of 70 miles per hour. Detective Sergeant Richard Muszynski said Engle turned himself in Friday morning, but his motive for the actions remains unclear.

"We're not sure the reason, he does have some problems in the past with the police," said Detective Sergeant Richard Muszynski. "You know what his motivation was taken the car it appears at this time was probably just joy riding."

Engle's family was contacted by the officers and assisted in bringing Engle to the Asotin County Jail where he was arrested Friday morning. Engle is facing burglary charges and grand theft auto, which is a felony.