Bystanders make citizen's arrest after man threatened he had a gun

LEWISTON, ID - A Moscow man is in jail and is facing several charges thanks to two people who took justice into their own hands.

Ruben Ramirez, 34, faces charges of attempted robbery, robbery, grand theft, leaving the scene of an accident and driving without privileges.

An arrest may never have been made if it wasn't for off-duty Washington State Trooper Jon McKee and two local heroes.

"He had his hand in his pocket saying I have a gun," said Lewiston Police Dept. Captain Tom Greene. "So the trooper drew his weapon and the trooper was helped by two citizens. A Michael Pitman and a Nathan Pinkhart and they assisted that trooper until we were able to arrive."

Before the citizen arrest, police said Ramirez demanded the keys from someone at Goodwill by saying he had a gun. He then stole their car, and was involved in an accident, then left the scene. Police said they did not find a gun on Ramirez.

Both Pinkhart and Pitman will be recognized for their actions.