Calam Shrine Circus performances at Bengal Field


In Lewiston the Shriner’s Circus is in town! For over 50 years, the Calam Shriners have held a circus in Lewiston.

This three-ring event is being held at Bengal Field, and has all the fun and animals’ kids love. But for members of the shrine, like Russ Graves, the circus also means giving back to children who can’t afford medical care.

"We do the circus for two main reasons,” said Graves. “First of all to gain awareness that the Shrine is willing and able to help children. Anything that might be a pediatric affliction of children. And the second reason is just to give a little bit of fun back to the community."

If you can’t make it out tonight, don’t worry. The Shrine Circus is holding two more performances Friday at 4:00 and 7:00PM. Adults are $12.00 and kids under 12 are always free.

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