Can You ID Me? Website to assist Clarkston Police in identifying storage unit robbery thief

CLARKSTON, WA - An unusual robbery in Clarkston...local police are searching for a robber who got away with $7,000 worth of stolen goods from a storage unit in broad daylight!

Clarkston police said the suspect drove away on December 27th in a black Ford F-150 pickup. Surveillance cameras at the Clarkston Rent-A-Space on 13th Street barely make out the driver. However Sergeant Josh Daniel said the truck is newly off of a car lot as the license plates aren't on the truck yet.

"It was the only one hit that day it was actually a daytime robbery," said Daniel. "And we're not sure of the link yet between that one storage shed and the items that were taken."

Of the many items that were stolen, the most expensive swiped goods were a generator, a miter saw and boat parts. Have a tip for police? Call the number on your screen at 509-758-1680. Or email them at