Candidates Crossler and Mcoll contend for seat on Pullman City Council

PULLMAN, WA - There are three Pullman City Council positions that are up for election this year, but only one of them is an at-large position that will appear on every ballot in the city.

Palouse Reporter Rachel Dubrovin introduces us to the at-large candidates Marcus Crossler and Eileen Macoll.

Marcus Crossler and Eileen Macoll are two long-time residents of the Palouse that are competing for the at-large position on Pullman's City Council.

"I've lived in Pullman for nine years, but I'm the fourth generation to graduate from Moscow High School," said Pullman City Council Member Candidate Marcus Crossler. "So with my family history here in the area, I realize and understand a lot of the issues."

"I came to Pullman as a freshman in 1973, and absolutely fell in love with the place," said Pullman City Council Member Candidate Eileen Macoll. " So, I did the part-time student thing, and the full-time student thing off and on for years, and that's part of my background."

Both candidates devote a great deal of time to serve the Pullman community. Macoll is the president of the Whitman County Landlord Tenant Association, and she regularly attends city council meetings.

"I kind of know what's going on, or I feel like I know what's going on and I've had a chance to talk to a lot of different people and a lot of different fields within the city staff, within county staff, and I know what our challenges are, what our issues are," said Macoll.

Crossler is currently on the city's Police Advisory Committee and the Planning Commission And as a local property owner, he's a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Whitman County Landlord Tenant Association.

"So all those things combined, I see, meet and hear and talk a lot of different people from a diverse background on a daily basis," said Crossler.

The candidates agree that updating Pullman's Comprehensive Plan is one of the biggest projects the council will face in the near future. But they have slightly different opinions on what they'd like to see happen with the city's budget.

"Percentage-wise, I don't see any major changes coming through," said Crossler. "I don't want to make any major changes. I don't want to ruffle any feathers, and/or disrupt the flow of the council right now."

"We need to address backfilling some more of the library positions, that's a very valuable resource for all of our citizens in our community," said Macoll. "The library is kind of a pet love of mine."

Every Pullman voter will be asked to choose between these two candidates, and their names will appear under city council position six on the ballot.

There are two other City Council rates in Pullman this year, and we'll bring you those candidate profiles later this month.