Candidates reveal top priority issues they would tackle if elected for Asotin Co. Sheriff

LEWISTON, ID - We're less than two months away from the Washington Primary Election, and two candidates running for Asotin County Sheriff said they're ready to take the post.

Reporter Carol Zinke introduces us to these candidates.

Current Sheriff Ken Bancroft is retiring after eight-years with the department. I talked to both of the candidates to find out what interested them in running for sheriff, and what their plans are if elected.

You've probably seen their signs around town. Captain Dan Hally from the Asotin County Sheriff's Office and Lieutenant John Hildebrand from the Nez Perce County Sheriff's Office are gearing up for elections.

"I've spent a lot of my career preparing for leadership positions," said Hally. "As well as my educational experience, which includes my bachelors degree in justice studies and my masters degree from Gonzaga in organizational leadership."

"I think I'm well rounded," said Hilderbrand. "I've been through every facet of law enforcement in Nez Perce County. I started with patrol; I've worked in detention, civil, water-ways, SWAT and all the way into administration. I believe it's a well-rounded atmosphere."

They both expressed several issues they'd like to address if they were to take over the sheriff's position.

"The way that we investigate drug crimes, particularly methamphetamine," said Hally. "Those types of crimes which are having a significant impact on the community in a lot of different ways."

"I think I really need to look at the budget," said Hilderbrand. "I've had a couple people ask me about that. I think there's some great ways we can improve the budget."

"We need to do a true assessment of the jail situation," said Hally. "We should do a true assessment of what's occurring at the jail and what options we have. Part of that process is making sure we're including jail employees as well as look at the inmates. The health and well-being of our employees and the inmates is a top priority for me."

"Maybe inter-cooperation between resource sharing with the fire department and local law enforcement," said Hilderbrand.

Both men said they're eager and prepared to take on the sheriff's position.

The LC Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Asotin County Democrats, the Asotin County Republicans and the League of Women Voters of the L-C Valley will be hosting a forum for all the candidates running in the Primary. That's happening on July 12th.
Ballots for the Primary will be in the mail July 18th.