Candy Cane Lane decorations are tradition in Lewiston

LEWISTON, ID - The holidays in the LC Valley wouldn't be complete without a jaunt over to Sunset Drive to visit the festive Candy Cane Lane.

"Another year at Candy Cane Lane," said woman.

The families come and go, but the candy canes always stay.

"It's just a tradition," said Candy Cane Lane resident James Lloyd. "When a house sells, the candy cane goes with it."

For more than 50 years, residents of Candy Cane Lane, also known as Sunset Drive, have proudly positioned their peppermint-colored hand-crafted candy canes in front of their homes.

"It's homemade, it's not like any other candy cane you see," said candy cane crafter Alan Kidder. "The candy canes that are usually bought in the stores are made out of plastic, these are wooden ones like they did 50 years ago. I tried to copy what the original people did in this area and they look nice, they fit the area."

"The candy canes hold up pretty well, if not we get new ones," said Candy Cane Lane resident Jack Wilkinson. "It's a fun thing to do. It makes us happy at Christmas time and puts us in a real cheerful mood."

The plywood painted red and white striped sentinels of holiday cheer stand among countless adorned homes as the symbol of unity.

"I think a bright shiny candy cane speaks well for the area," said Wilkinson.

"If you neglect to put out your candy cane, someone's going to come do it for you," said Lloyd.

Kidder said he's replaced about 25 of the original canes and every year adds another two or three to the list. A list he said is worth the tinsel and eves for both the residents and the endless amount of spectators.

"Sometimes the traffic is so heavy, it's bumper to bumper!" said Lloyd.

"Come and see our neighborhood," said Candy Cane Lane resident Darlene Kidder. "We love it and we appreciate the people that do come through."

Candy Cane Lane is a Christmas tradition that continues to grow along with it's neighborhood.

To reach Candy Cane Lane, turn east off of Lewiston's 21st Street onto Ninth Avenue and then the first right turn is Sunset Drive. Follow the candy canes to where they end on 29th Street. The decorations will remain standing strong until New Year's Day.