Canoe wave in Lewiston gets new background

LEWISTON, ID - Crews began working on the West Main Entrance Enhancement Project earlier Wednesday as part of the city's efforts to enhance the historical context of the Lewis-Clark Bicentennial.

Hells Canyon Rock will bring in approximately 80-tons of basalt rocks over the next two to three weeks as mural artists get ready to paint the west side of the Sonoco building behind the canoe wave. Materials will go towards building two retention walls and a series of walk ways that create a lookout for bystanders.

"I think it will really brighten up the project to get rid of all the overburden and the weeds to make it more eye appealing," said Hells Canyon Rock owner John Mendoza.

Work crews will also engrave children's artwork onto accented rocks. According to the City of Lewiston, the project location at the confluence of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers is significant because the Nez Perce Trail, Lewis-Clark Trail, Northwest Passage National Scenic Byway and All-American Road begin, end or pause at this juncture.