Cash needed for Fleshman Way Interchange

CLARKSTON, WA - The Asotin County Public Works Department is looking at different options to fund a possible roundabout on the Fleshman Way - 129 Interchange.

Right now the county is lacking the grant monies needed to fund the roughly $8-million project. There are several different options, including breaking up the project into phases or working on a bi-state project with the city of Lewiston.

The commission voted to have JUB Engineers take a look at the best option for the job.

"The state may be interested in taking over Fleshman Way and re-establishing SR-128," said Asotin County Public Works Director, Jim Bridges. "Instead of going up Peola it would be up 15th and down Fleshman to the bridge."

This project is part of the six-year transportation plan for Asotin county roadways.