Catholic school students watch coverage of new Pope being elected

LEWISTON, ID - On merely the second day of the conclave, a new Pope was elected to become the spiritual leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics for many years to come."

"While billions of people across the world tuned in across the world to see who the next was going to be, students at the All Saints Catholic Church in Lewiston were doing just the same.

"They started praying for the Cardinals days before they went into the conclave," said Principal Hammerich. "Today, when they saw that white smoke billowing from the chimney shouts of joy and cheers could be heard throughout."

And thanks to technology, through their computers, teachers at the local Catholic school tuned in to the live feed so their students could watch history in the making.

"In fact they even wanted to eat their lunches in the classroom and continue to watch that live feed, so they could see Pope Francis the first for the first time," said Hammerich.

"An honor to see the new pope and what he looks like," said second grader Maria Prasil.

"I'll never forget ever," said McRoberts. "It's probably going to be one of my favorite days ever."

Sixth grader Lydia McRoberts says confusion of a fire, led to the best news of the day.

"We were just doing our math and Julie comes in and says there's smoke! And we're like where?! Where!?" said McRoberts. "And she's like oh, it's on the computer it's white and everyone freaked out."

But rest assured, these students know that being the Pope of the Catholic church is more than just a title.

"He's special," said Jackson. "He has to care for everything, it's a hard job. It probably takes a lot of work and care."

It took only five ballots for the cardinals to decide on their new leader.

So it may seem like this was a speedy process but we did some digging and found out that the longest conclave in history was back in 1268. It took almost three years... a total of 33 months. Nearby residents were so outraged at just how long it took, they actually tore the roof off the building where the cardinals were staying, to get them to hurry up.