Celebrezze instituted school safety procedures and has open door policy

MOSCOW, ID - Moscow High School is getting ready to say goodbye to a long-time leader.

Palouse Reporter Rachel Dubrovin tells us why Principal Bob Celebrezze is leaving Moscow, and some of the traditions that he'll leave behind.

"Having Bob here has been great," said Moscow High School Senior Jeremy Williams.

After leading Moscow High School for 13 years, Principal Bob Celebrezze has announced that he'll be moving on at the end of the school year.

"This was the first principal position I ever had and it's the greatest position I could ever be in, the most wonderful school I could imagine ever being at," said Celebrezze.

Instilling a sense of pride, school-wide is one of his biggest accomplishments in the eyes of Celebrezze.

"We went with the concept of "Moscow High Pride," the staff brought in, the faculty bought in, and definitely the students have an immense amount of pride in their school," said Celebrezze.

The students also have a lot of confidence in Celebrezze as a principal.

"Bob is, I guess to me, he's just a very open person and he really makes my high school experience just a lot more enjoyable just in terms of he's approachable," said Williams.

Not only do they know him on a first name basis, they know they can turn to him for help.

"He has an open door policy," said Moscow High School Senior Steven Greene. "You come right into the office, he has his door open, and he's just sitting there waiting."

"Anything, when anything comes up, you can talk to him about it and he always solves the problem," said Williams. "He always takes care of it."

When it comes to security, he implemented a closed-door policy to keep strangers from entering the building.

"We have a responsibility as administration to make sure that we protect all students from any type of harm," said Celebrezze.

Despite the closed-door visitation policy, the students appreciate a different policy that allows them to go off campus for lunch.

"It's not really an educational thing, but its something that makes the student's experience so much better," said Williams.

Celebrezze's leadership was recognized throughout the school, and throughout the region as well. His next job will take him to central Washington, where he'll lead a school three times larger than Moscow High.

"I'm heading to Wenatchee High School to be principal there," said Celebrezze. "It's a great opportunity, it's a wonderful school. It's a very large school, 2,100 students, and I'm very excited about all the challenges it will present me."

Principal Celebrezze's last day will be July 5th, and the district will assemble a search committee to find a replacement. The district is currently looking for a new superintendent as well.