Centers for Disease Control release new warning to E-Cigarette users

CLARKSTON, WA - Health leaders warn that more than half of all electronic cigarette poisonings happen to toddlers.

Reporter Carol Zinke tells us more about information released this week by the Centers for Disease Control.

Three years ago call-ins to the center about E-cigarettes weren't common, today there are over 215 calls per month. Mike Larson of the Idaho Public Health North Central District, said he isn't surprised that children are consuming the liquid vapor because the packaging is visually appealing.

"And they come in flavors that are appealing in smell and a multitude of different flavors," said Larson.

Bill Thomas is the owner of Trendz,a smoke shop in downtown Clarkston, and he said it isn't the E-cig that's the problem, it's the carelessness of caregivers.

"It's the parents that need to take responsibility and keep track of their e-juices and make sure their kids aren't getting ahold of it," said Thomas.

What I'm holding in my hand is an E-cigarette. And as you can see, at the top, this is where the flavor is held; at the bottom, a battery that ignites the smokeless vapor."

Thomas said some people use E-cigarettes as an aid to help them quit smoking, because while they're still consuming nicotine there are less harmful chemicals in comparison to a cigarette.

"Now, e-juice, we're not sure about the different levels but we know that there is less chemicals in e-juice than there is in cigarettes; less addictive," said Thomas. "Also you don't have the things like fiberglass filters tearing your lungs up and stuff like that."

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved E-cigarettes as an effective way to help smokers quit, but Larson said there are other programs that can help.

"Probably the best resource for that would be to call the Idaho Quit Line," said Larson.

The CDC will continue to do research on E-cigarettes and you can find more information on their website.

Leaders from the CDC said they're continuing to do more research on E-cigarettes and you can find more information on their website. You'll find a link to that on our KLEW News Facebook page.