Chairs Exhibit at Prichard Art Gallery stretches your imagination

MOSCOW, ID - There's an art gallery in Moscow that's filled with more than a hundred chairs, but none of them are made for sitting.

The Prichard Art Gallery features a unique exhibition called "Acts of Chairs" by Michael Hosaluk. Visitors are invited to arrange and stack the seat-less chairs any way they please.

"We try and stretch people's imagination about what art can be," said Prichard Art Gallery Director Roger Rowley. "And so certainly not all of them are 'off the wall' as this one is, but everything we do."

Wednesday night the gallery held a tournament in which teams competed against one another to see who could create the best arrangement with 16 chairs. The winning teams received gift cards to local restaurants and the money raised goes to the gallery's children's program.

About 2,000 K-12 students visit the gallery annually to learn about an exhibit and create their own artwork.