"Changing Smiles, Changing Lives" contest offered by local orthodontist

LEWISTON, ID - Dr. David Wilkinson of Lewiston is in his second year of the "Changing Smiles, Changing Lives" contest he created last year to help one child and one adult get the smile they deserve.

Dr. Wilkinson is asking community members to nominate an individual who they think is deserving of the treatment. Last year's recipient, Kaylee Aldous said winning the contest has changed her into a different person.

"I would just be really quiet and I wouldn't really say anything to anybody," said Kaylee. "I would just be not who I am right now, it's been really life changing."

"It's the formative years when they're determining who they are and what they're going to be and gaining self confidence," said Dr. Wilkinson. "We don't want something like teeth to hold them back."

Wilkinson also mentioned if they hadn't fixed Kaylee's teeth, she eventually would've needed jaw surgery. If you have an adult or child in mind who'd benefit from Dr. Wilkinson's orthodontic treatment,
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