Charges are filed against armed robber suspect of Orofino hotel

OROFINO, ID - Several charges were filed Friday against an Orofino man accused of demanding money at gunpoint and leaving his victim bound on the floor.

Orofino police said 47-year-old Christopher Jennings is now charged with robbery, kidnapping, burglary, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, assault with intent to commit a serious felony and battery with intent to commit a serious felony. Charges stem from an armed robbery on December 21st. Orofino Police Department Chief Jeff Wilson said he's happy with the outcome.

"We certainly at the police department treated it extremely serious and our guys put a tremendous amount of effort into this because of the fact that we did have some victims that were quite shaken up as a result of the crime," said Chief Wilson. "We were more than happy to get the evidence needed to charge him in this case."

As part of the investigation, DNA samples were taken and sent along with the mask Jennings wore. The Idaho State Forensics lab has since ruled it was a match. Jennings is being held on a $310,000 bond.