Charles Carpone's friend testifies on day two of murder trial

MOSCOW, ID - Prosecutors are bringing more witnesses to the stand in the Charles Capone murder trial going on in Moscow.

In day two of the trial, one of Capone's friends answered questions about Capone's behavior around the time Rachael Anderson disappeared in 2010.

Jenee' Ryan was in the courtroom, and has this report for us.

"He said you know, well I've got an ace up the hole, an ace up my sleeve, an ace in the whole because I was with someone all night," said Capone's friend Robert Bogden.

That was David Stone.

He's since flipped on Charles Capone and is expected to testify next week that Capone strangled Rachael Anderson, wrapped her in a tarp and them dumped her body into the Snake River.

Tuesday, prosecutors focused on Anderson's behavior leading up to that night and today (Wednesday) they focused on Capone's.

In December Anderson kicked Capone out of the house after a fight.

"She had some red marks around her neck...around her throat," said Anderson's friend Jennifer Norberg.

Capone claimed it was accidental.

"You don't fall and land in a position with your hands around someone's throat," said Norberg. "And that's not how you lift yourself up."

He slept in his shop until Robert and Carol Bogden took him in. In the days before April 16th 2010, Bogden said Capone's behavior worried him.

"Going to Lewiston at night time and watching what she does at her house," said Bogden. "And watching her come home and seeing that she's stumbling, that she's drunk, that she's alone it was unhealthy, he needed to stop, nothing good was gonna happen from that."

Capone then revealed to Bogden that he owned a gun.

"I said look, I'm worried that in a moment of jealousy or anger that you will ruin your life or someone elses," said Bogden.

He said Capone would also ask strange questions regarding network security and phone tracing.

"He would always do it under this pretext of how can we find out who this harasser is," said Bodgen. "And so he'd ask questions like, well what if the harasser bought a phone or how would they find that out.. well if you paid cash, you know would they know."

But it was a questions Capone asked after Anderson's disappearance that really bothered him.

"And he asked me, can they get DNA out of sweat?" said Bogden.

Feeling uneasy, Bogden told Capone to move out and asked if he knew what happened to Rachel.

"He wouldn't look at me, he had his head down," said Bogden. "I was surprised, he was my friend. Normally he should look at me and connect and he didn't he wouldn't."

Capone never answered the question.

Wednesday, Capone's pastor, John Hauser also took the stand. He said Capone showed up to church the day before Rachael was reported missing, but he wore sunglasses and left mid-sermon.

Court will resume tomorrow (Thursday) morning with testimonies from law enforcement.