Chief Joseph Memorial Pow Wow honors veterans and elders

LAPWAI, ID - The Nez Perce Tribe hosted a Pow Wow Saturday that brought in a crowd from around the area to reflect and celebrate.

The Chief Joseph and Warriors Memorial Pow Wow is in honor of those lost in the Nez Perce War of 1877 led by Chief Joseph. The war, that ended in surrender by the strategist behind the fighting and retreat of the Nez Perce, Chief Joseph began as a way to keep territory protected against settlers.

Members of the tribe on the Lapwai reservation and other surrounding tribes got together to watch Pow Wow dancers compete and to honor veterans and elders. Pow Wow participant Nakia Williamson and dancer Leroy Seth said it's a time for everyone to get together.

"It's truly a family event," said Williamson. "And we host families not only from here but people come from across the nation, so we're able to host."

"It's a way of life," said Seth. "I like to Pow Wow dance more than I do rock-n-roll. But I like to do that too ya know so."

Those who missed the Pow Wow on Friday can see similar dancing at the Lapwai Days 2012 Friendship Pow Wow. The event is on July 7th at the Lapwai City Park.

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