Children learn importance of energy saving with Avista Kids Program

LEWISTON, ID - For most, technology has become a part of every day life.

Kids are growing up with it, and adults are getting use to using it for almost everything. But with all this technology it's easy to forget about saving energy. Avista is trying to change that and they're starting with elementary students.

Avista Utilities is helping elementary school students learn about energy efficiency and being safe around energy with the Avista Kids Program.

"117 teachers in our service territory participated," said Avista Regional Business Manager, Mike Tatko. "Those who did the assignment with their kids and showed the video, and took the survey, they each got $100 for their classroom."

Students in kindergarten through third grade at All Saints Catholic School, in Lewiston, participated in the program, so they received $400 from Avista.

"They were really interested," said first grade teacher, Sandy Gossage. "I think anytime you can do something that's interactive, with noise and sound and movement is great."

It's really easy to get to the website. Just type in and it's very interactive. Kids get to mess around in what's called Wattson's World. They can click on different objects in the house and find out how to save energy with each item."

"Always turn off your video games," said second grader Lane Lustig.

"And, turn off your TV when you leave the room," said second grader Anna Reaey.

"Or, if you smell rotten eggs get out of the house," said first grader Katie Wren.

"Because it might be gas," said first grader Lillie Jolliff.

"And close the curtain when it's hot out," said first grader John Clifford.

This is the second year Avista has done the program with schools in our region. Last year, they awarded $12,000 as well, but it was $150 to the first 80 teachers who participated. To expand their reach, this year they gave $100 to the first 125 teachers.

Parents can also check out some helpful energy saving tips and much more on Avista's website.