Christmas 911 helps Orofino residents celebrate Christmas

OROFINO, ID - A local police department is doing more than just keeping the peace.

"Hopefully we can do better, someday," said resident Hayes.

Kathleen Hayes of Orofino knows what it's like to scrape by during the holidays.

"We had one or two gifts under the tree for each kid," said Hayes. "And a couple of them were homemade."

It didn't seem like Santa was coming to their home last year until Hayes was nominated to be a recipient for Christmas 911.

"Christmas Eve they showed up with a truckload of stuff," said Hayes. "We couldn't even see our tree after they put everything there."

The program, organized and founded by Chief Jeff Wilson of the Orofino Police Department, works to bring local families a complete Christmas dinner along with presents for every child in the nominated family.

"We can all do a little bit," said Wilson. "If we have the means I think it's very worthwhile that are facing some of life's adversities."

Last year they were able to help 27 families and 76 children have a better Christmas. They hope to beat those numbers this year.

"We really don't set a goal or anything," said Hayes. "We'll take whatever people are able to give or businesses are able to give and try to benefit everybody as best we can with what we're able to raise."

"When they opened them Christmas morning it was our Christmas too just watching their faces," said Hayes.

Wilson said reactions from recipients like Hayes makes every hour spent collecting funds, wrapping presents and delivering gifts on Christmas Eve, all worth it.

"It was probably their best Christmas," said Hayes.

The police department is collecting money until December 7th. Monetary donations are being accepted at the Lewis Clark Credit Union in Orofino or the Police Department. They
also need help wrapping and delivering presents.
If you'd like to get involved go to