Christmas Connection helped 600 families this Christmas

LEWISTON, ID - More than 2,000 people throughout the area celebrated a Merry Christmas thanks to the Valley's Annual Christmas Connection drive.

The organization raised roughly $36,000 this holiday season for an estimated 600 families in need. Christmas Connection Coordinator Sharon Berry said this is the first year the organization's expanded to reach a greater part of Northern Idaho, including Genesee, Culdesac, Lapwai and Uniontown.

"A lot of those smaller communities, they're a part of us and they don't have Christmas programs of their own," said Berry. "They come and do their shopping in the Valley so we just wanted to include them and have them be a part of it."

Although the annual drive raised a substantial amount of money, the organization is still $6,000 shy of breaking even. Berry encourages people to support the Valley's Christmas Connection throughout the year so they can continue to grow and help families throughout the region in the future.