CHS Donkey Basketball fundraiser is coming under fire from animal activist group

CLARKSTON, WA - A fundraiser for the Clarkston High School senior class is getting attention from across the state.

KLEW News learns more about 'Donkey Basketball' and why an animal activist group is calling it animal abuse.

A group of parents of Clarkston High School seniors has been planning fundraisers all year long. This in preparation for graduation, so the seniors have a safe and sober place to celebrate after their big day.

"Last year's group raised about $17,000," said CHS parent, Sheila McMillan. "This year we're going for as much as we can get."

But Sheila McMillan, one of the many parents involved in the group, said one of their most recent fundraisers Donkey Basketball is getting a lot of publicity.

"Honestly we didn't expect it," said McMillan. "And honestly we would have never done this fundraiser if we thought that it was going to bring harm to any animals."

The activity involves a group of donkeys who get ridden while community members play basketball. Animal activist Cindy Hall of Chelan, Washington wrote us this letter saying quote - "It is unacceptable to force animals to endure activities that could harm or frighten them. Even more so, it is unacceptable to subject animals to this form of abuse in the interest of entertainment and fund raising."

Bruce Wick owns Donkey Sports Inc. near Wenatchee, the group that's bringing the donkeys to Clarkston. He said their donkeys are treated humanely and with the utmost respect.

"All of these people who are against it their hearts are in the right place," said Wick. "They're just misinformed."

Wick said the animals aren't underfed, hit or forced to carry heavy loads. He said anyone over 200-pounds can't ride a donkey. The event takes place next Wednesday at Clarkston High School.

The Clarkston School District and Clarkston High School said they are not endorsing this activity nor are they involved in the senior parent program in any way.