Circles of Caring Adult Day Health 'Open Your Heart' breakfast explain caregiver burnout

MOSCOW, ID - Circles of Caring Adult Day Health is thriving after it's first year of operating as a non-profit organization.

The adult and elder care facility hosted a fundraiser Monday morning in Moscow. A local physician and a participant's son talked about 'caregiver burnout,' and how adult day care facilities can relieve people who have a disabled or elderly adult living with them.

"It can be a tremendous stresser in people's lives," said Physician Dr. Stephanie Fosback. "I don't like to use the word 'buder' because I don't like to refer to people that way, but there have been times when people have stressed to me, 'This is starting to feel like a burden.'"

"Caregiver burnout does indeed destroy families, and adult day health provides respite, it provides education, it provides hope," said Keynote Speaker Charlie Powell.

Circles of Caring receives much of it's funding from Idaho and Washington Medicaid, however that only covers about half of the facility's average expenditures each month. The organization also relies on private donations, and donations from Gritman Medical Center and Pullman Regional Hospital.