Citizens for Funding Accountability petition may be on November ballot

LEWISTON, ID - The Citizens for Funding Accountability say they want an initiative on the ballot this November.

The initiative would require the City of Lewiston to use money from fees specifically for what it was allocated for, instead of allowing funds to move to different city departments.

Group members including Chairman Ken Krahn delivered a petition to the Nez Perce County Clerk's office Monday morning with 600 signatures to back it up. Clerk Patty Weeks said because of low voter turnout in the last election, it won't be difficult for any initiative to get on the November ballot.

"The turnout was so low the threshold to get something, an initiative, on the ballot is a lot lower now than a typical election," said Weeks.

"We need some transparency and I think money should be spent for what money is collected for," said Krahn. "And we'll let the citizens make that decision, or make them aware of it, come November."

Weeks said she'll have 15 days to process the initiative paperwork. She said it's the first of many steps it'll take to get the initiative on the November ballot.