City Council hears public input on marijuana moratorium in Clarkston

CLARKSTON, WA - The Clarkston City Council sought opinions from the public Tuesday night in regard to a marijuana moratorium they're looking at imposing.

A moratorium is essentially a holding period. So for six months, you couldn't buy, sell or distribute weed in the city. This allows the city to map out the rules and regulations of Initiative-502 as it applies to Clarkston.

Local business owner Bill Thomas spoke openly against the moratorium. He said he's interested in opening up a cannabis shop in the city limits.

"We legalize this, it's going to create more than just the jobs in the industry itself," said Thomas. "It's going to create tourism from out of state. People that don't have marijuana in their state."

The council read through the moratorium for the public to hear on Tuesday. Next week they'll vote on the ordinance.