City council remains in favor of upholding the ordinance banning scooters

LEWISTON, ID - No scooters at the skate park... that was the final ruling at Monday's city council work session.

The Parks and Rec Commission re-examined the ordinance banning scooters following a petition signed by more than 50-people. However the council was in favor of upholding the ban. Parks and Rec Director, Tim Barker said he's happy with the decision.

"The Parks and Rec Commission chose to not recommend any changes and felt what was originally submitted and approved to city council was most appropriate for the facilities," said Barker. "There's obviously interest in the group and potentially some funds available to kick start efforts to start a site that would be more appropriate for scooter use."

Riders who don't abide by the scooter ban could pay up to a $1,000 fine.