City of Clarkston hires Yakima law firm to help fight lawsuit

CLARKSTON, WA - The city of Clarkston is hiring additional legal support to fight a lawsuit that claims the city withheld public records requests.

City Attorney James Grow voiced his opinion Tuesday night about the lawsuit filed by Attorney Scott Broyles on behalf of Connie and George Morrow. The Morrows allege that the city did not properly respond to their multiple public records requests and while they received some documents, they allege that others were withheld.

"The risks in these actions are large amounts of damage," said Grow. "With regard to the discovery of documents can be substantial."

Grow maintained that the city denies the claims in the lawsuit. A representative at his firm said they're bringing in counsel from the Law Offices of Menke Jackson Beyer. The counsel, based out of Yakima specializes in the public records act and has worked with the city in similar lawsuits.