City of Clarkston seeks monetary sanctions against plaintiffs and attorney

CLARKSTON, WA - Clarkston Attorney Scott Broyles represents four Clarkston residents who are suing the city in separate lawsuits.

The first lawsuit addresses a petition regarding funding for the Asotin County Aquatic Center. The second suit addresses open meeting violations and public records request violations in regards to the way the city handled the issue. A Whitman county superior court judge will decide on motions from both sides this Friday.

"One of the responses in the letter was that we have somehow done some things that were unethical and improper," said Broyles. "And they have threatened to levee sanctions, which are unusual frankly, rule eleven sanctions."

"I can't give you much information about the sanctions, I'm not a legal expert," said Clarkston Mayor Kathleen Warren. "What we're hoping for is a summary judgment that would essentially kill the case."

The monetary sanctions, if approved by the judge would be decided at his discretion.