City of Lewiston Annual Budget progresses to third reading next week

LEWISTON, ID - The second reading of the 2015 Lewiston budget is now in the books, despite cost cutting measures just beginning.

The city council will move on to the final reading and adoption of the budget next Monday, however this last reading could be the most difficult. Several councilors shared their plans to amend the proposed $61.7-million budget in hopes of sparing homeowners a 4.8% property tax increase.

Administrative Services Director Dan Marsh said whether it comes from cuts or somewhere else the bottom line is the city needs money.

"The city needs at this point about a half percent, one half of a percent which is about $80,000 to balance," said Marsh. "Council has been presented with ala carte seven or eight items. The city attorney helped, parks assistance, new roads, those are all options we can pick and choose one of them and say lets not do any of them. We're at a half of percent."

This is the second time councilor Daniel and Mayor Pro Tem "R.J." Johnson voted against the reading. The final reading and adoption of the budget will be held at 6:00 p.m. Monday at Lewis-Clark State College. Public comment is open only at the beginning of the meeting.