City of Lewiston can't afford to remove all trees infested by Black Locust Borer

LEWISTON, ID - Nearly 30 Black Locust trees in several Lewiston Parks are scheduled for removal this fall.

The trees, which are 75-years of age or older, have slowly been infested with a small yellow and black insect known as the Black Locust Borer. City of Lewiston Urban Forester Philip Shinn said that during the past five to six years the dying trees have become a hazard as branches continue to break off throughout various city parks and the Normal Hill Cemetery.

"Trees are born, they mature and they die," said Shinn. "Unfortunately these trees had a little bit of help along the way with the Locust Borer."

Although the insects have a one year life cycle, they reinfest trees by laying eggs each fall. Shinn said due to budget restrictions it's impossible to remove all Black Locust trees by this fall. He said, at this point, the entire city is infected with the insect. So far,13 trees have been removed and each one will be replaced with a new Black Locust.