City of Lewiston shifts code ordinance enforcement to LPD

LEWISTON, ID - In an effort to clean up the City, the Lewiston Police Department has added a new position to their team.

The old saying "One man's junk is another man's treasure" might be true for some, but not to the Lewiston Police Department... And especially not if that junk can be seen from the road and you live within the city limits of Lewiston.

"I take calls," said Code Enforcement Officer Alan Johnson. "I'll be out in a vehicle looking for violations and talking to the public."

Johnson is relatively new to this position and he's leading a crack down on city code violations as part of a shift of ordinance enforcement from the City's community development office to LPD.

"The public's going to see a better, a little more progressive, proactive program," said Johnson.

Prior to the restructuring people would call Lewiston Police to file a complaint, which would then need to be forwarded to Community Development office.

"Trying to make it easier for the public to call one place and get their problem resolved," said Johnson.

Johnson said he'll be there for anything that concerns a Lewiston City ordinance, and that list isn't short...

"Weed abatement, debris, animal problems, junk vehicle and recreational vehicle violations," said Johnson.

People who use recreational vehicles as living quarters appears to be the most common problem thus far, but what about the most uncommon problem?

"I was already out this morning on a rat infestation," said Johnson.

LPD handles code enforcement in three steps; inform, educate and resolve. However, if a resolution is not met citations will be issued.

"You don't want to get with the program then I'll have to cite them," said Johnson.

Officer Johnson says it's all about taking pride in your city.

Lewiston residents who would like to report a code violation should contact the Lewiston Police Department at 746 0171.