City of Lewiston will lose Mayor Pro Tem Brad Cannon

LEWISTON, ID - Four seats on the Lewiston City Council will be up for grabs later this fall, however two council members will run for re-election.

The seven-member council that serves the City of Lewiston will lose Mayor Pro Tem Brad Cannon, and Council Member Thyra Stevenson as their four-year terms come to an end. The terms for Mayor Kevin Poole and Councilor Dennis Ohrtman will end this year as well, however both candidates tell us they're seeking re-election.

"We as a City have done some great things to make it easier for people to work with community development, and we can have some good interaction with the citizens and I think that's what government is all about," said Ohrtman.

"We want to make sure that we listen to folks and what their need are and see if we can incorporate them into the City, because one exciting thing about City government is how quick you can affect people's lives," said Poole.

Lewiston voters will decide the outcome of who will fill the four council seats, however the position of mayor is elected by a vote of the City Council. The election will be held in November.