City of Moscow Beautification Project in early planning stage

MOSCOW, ID - The City of Moscow is developing a plan to improve its first impression on visitors.

City officials said improving the entryways and the nearby commercial corridors will make the city more attractive to potential students, residents and visitors. The project will focus on Moscow's east and west entrances along Highway-8, and the north and south entrances along Highway-95.

"We're really looking at those areas where you enter the community, down to about the downtown core," said Moscow Community Development Director Bill Belknap. "So we're looking at those highway corridors, those commercial corridors, really what gives people the first impression when they come in town."

The city council set aside $35,000 for the planning stages of this project, but Community Development Director Bill Belknap said the concept designs and estimates will likely cost much less than that. This project is still in its early planning stages, and the city is in the process of asking residents for their input on what improvements should be made.