City of Moscow installs re-built motor pump on Well Pump 9

MOSCOW, ID - After about ten months of maintenance, the city of Moscow is hoping to have their main well up and running by the end of the week.

Moscow's Well 9 supplies 40% of the city's water. The water department said that the well has caused quite a bit of frustration since it originally failed last summer.

"The motor and the well failed in June 2012 after running for ten years," said Moscow Water/Wastewater Manager Tom Scallorn. "We had it rebuilt, pump and motor, and put it back in in September of 2012, and it failed.

Construction crews spent the last couple days installing the re-built motor pump, and they're hoping to run test on it on Wednesday. If all goes well, it will service residents by the end of the week. The city water department has more confidence in a 600 horse-power motor because it's more powerful than the ole one it replaced, which was rated at 400 horse-power.