City of Moscow interviews prospective applicants for MVFD Fire Chief position

MOSCOW, ID - The city of Moscow is in the process of selecting a new chief to lead their Volunteer Fire Department.

The city's fire marshal will take on the role until they make a decision.

Moscow City Supervisor Gary Riedner said Monday was Fire Chief Ed Button's last day after seven years in the position. Fire marshal and Division Chief Joe Williams will step in as interim chief while the city continues its interview process. Riedner said more than 40 people applied for the position, and applications came in from across the nation.

"It's a very professionally run department, a lot of pride in the department," said Riedner. "It's been around a lot of years, and I think people think it'd be a fun place to work."

The fire chief position is paid, but Moscow's Fire Department is made up of about 100 volunteers. Riedner said an interview committee will meet the most qualified candidates in July, and they hope to bring their decision before the City Council by mid-July.