City of Moscow spraying herbicide to combat noxious weeds

MOSCOW, ID - April showers brought May flowers, and a lot of unwanted weeds, and the city of Moscow plans to combat the problem with herbicide.

Starting on Monday, contractors will be spraying curbs, sidewalks, and other infested areas to combat noxious weeds as needed throughout the spring and summer. City officials said that most residents will only see them around their house once over the course of the season.

"You know, if it's too windy a day, we don't do it," said Moscow Maintenance Manager Tyler Palmer. "If it's raining, we don't do it. We try and make sure that we don't have the spread and we are very vigilant with our chemical list to make sure that we're using the best and safest chemicals possible."

The herbicide is reviewed annually by the city's Sustainable Environment Commission. Residents can tell the city if they don't want the herbicide sprayed outside their home by calling 208-883-7097.