City ordinance bans scooters at Mountain Dew Skate Park

LEWISTON, ID - As spring quickly approaches and people start dusting off their skateboards and bikes, one thing you might want to think twice about before riding at the Mountain Dew Skate Park... is your scooter.

A Lewiston city ordinance bans scooters from the local skate park, and riders who don't abide by it could pay up to a $100 fine. Lewiston Parks and Rec Director Tim Barker said when the park was originally built, it wasn't made for scooters, and since then scooters have taken their toll on the features.

"Some kids that have the higher end scooters do have the support underneath but it is the length and chipping that can occur," said Barker. "When scooters go air bound and if their not properly protected they can really chip when they hit the concrete."

Barker said the Parks and Rec Commission is looking into building an area that would be okay to ride scooters on and would be more appropriate for beginner to intermediate riders.