City uses grant money at Dry Fork Creek to identify source of fecal matter

PULLMAN, WA - The City of Pullman recently received a $50,000 grant to test the local streams for fecal bacteria.

A Washington State Department of Ecology student indicated that certain streams in Pullman have a strong presence of fecal coliform bacteria. Dry Fork Creek runs along Grand Avenue, and is one of the problem areas. The city plans to use the grant money to figure out if the bacteria is coming from wildlife, pets, or human waste.

"Trying to find out where that darn bacteria is coming from and how we can reduce it," said Pullman Stormwater Services Program Manager Rob Buchert.

Fecal coliform bacteria is relatively common in streams and other bodies of water, but it could pose a public health risk if the levels rise too high. Once the source is identified, city officials will examine how to fix it and expect to receive more grant money to tackle the problem.