Clairvoyant offers paranormal class at LCSC

LEWISTON, ID - Lewis-Clark State College is offering a continuing education class that may have some skeptics wondering what to believe.

"I'm able to access this flow of information that's really infinite and unlimited," said Intuitive Spiritual Counselor Louise Hauck.

Most people in the 21st Century define themselves by their work. Clairvoyant Louise Hauck is no different.

"In this flow of information, it flows beyond time, in the future, in the past, beyond this physical world and we all have access to it," said Hauck. "So I simply dip into this stream and pull through this information."

Hauck consults people from around the world and now she's teaching a class locally at LCSC to help people connect with the metaphysical world around them.

"You start to connect to your world and to others in a whole new way," said Hauck. "You don't feel as isolated."

Coordinator of non-credit classes at LCSC Alison Oman recognizes this is hardly the everyday run of the mill subject for a class and said this is the second session of Hauck's class that LCSC is offering to the public because of the enthusiastic response from the first go-around.

"We had a summer session that went really, really well," said Oman. "So we're going to keep going."

Hauck said she thinks, "Long Island Medium" a popular reality TV show that follows a psychic through her everyday life, brings much-needed recognition to the field of the paranormal.

"I think she's wonderfully outrageous, I think she's obviously authentic," said Hauck. "I think it's good to desensitize people."

Hauck invites everyone to take part in her three-part class that starts next Tuesday at 6:30.

"Well they say a skeptic really isn't a skeptic or they wouldn't be asking questions," said Hauck.

Oman said if you take the first class and feel it isn't for you, they'll be happy to give you a full refund.

For more information on how to sign up for Hauck's class or any non-credit class offered by LCSC's Continuing Education program, go to