Clarkston 12th Street receives funds for improvements

CLARKSTON, WA - Reconstruction of Clarkston's 12th street has forward momentum after a construction contract was approved at the Clarkston City Council meeting Monday night.

Low bidder, McCall's Classic Construction, was awarded the bid for a little more than $422,000. The reconstruction of 12th street from Chestnut to Highland will include 32 items, ranging from roadway excavation to side walk installation.

"The main thing is need," said Public Works Dept. Director Jim Martin. "And when a street falls apart the way 12th street did, you just have to step up and fix it. The base underneath the surface has softened, which just allows the whole roadway surface to fall apart."

Martin said conducting a pre-construction conference with the contractor is the next step. The Transportation Improvement Board is funding this project, which is expected to begin in a couple of weeks.