Clarkston, Asotin and Asotin County try to resolve dispatch contract services

CLARKSTON, WA - A contract battle over dispatch costs between Asotin County and regional cities was the topic of a public meeting Thursday night.

Right now the City of Clarkston, the City of Asotin and the Asotin County Rural Fire District pay Asotin County for dispatch services.
The county in turn hires Whitcom E-911 out of Pullman to take all the regional calls, but city leaders at Clarkston said they're paying too much.

Clarkston leaders called a public meeting last night at 6:00 to hammer out the details. But Commissioner Brian Shinn said the meeting was scheduled with little notice and two of the three commissioners are at a conference across the state.

"The Commissioners wanted to meet in executive session," said Clarkston City Clerk, Vickie Storey. "We didn't feel that was appropriate so we tried to schedule an open meeting with all the involved entities to discuss the dispatch contract and the differences of opinion and try to resolve something."

"So if they know we can't attend," said Asotin Co. Commissioner, Brian Shinn. "And if they know the agreement is only between the county and the city and if they know it can't be arbitration, then why are they holding the meeting?"

The meeting was at six Thursday night in the Clarkston City Council Chambers. It was open to the public.