Clarkston City Council discusses why a pot moratorium extension is needed

CLARKSTON, WA - Clarkston council members discussed the possibility of extending the marijuana moratorium for an additional six months.

Council member Terry Beadles said they still need time to properly assess the locations for possible retail stores, and additional problems with traffic from state to state, that haven't been discussed yet. As well as additional funds that will be needed to enforce the law. Beadles said that money will not come from marijuana sales because the city will not receive any tax revenue from the drug.

"This is a long term commitment, not something we should just pass and a year from now say we have a problem," said Beadles. "That's why the moratorium is in place."

Council member Larry Baumberger requested that planning and zoning give progress reports at future city council meetings, so everyone can stay up to date.

The next planning commission meeting is slated for Monday at 6:00 p.m.