Clarkston City Council wants mutual aid with Asotin Co. Fire District Number One

CLARKSTON, WA - A mutual aid agreement between the Clarkston Fire Department and Asotin County Fire District Number One is a possibility, according to Clarkston City Council members.

Councilor Terry Beadles expressed urgency in reinstating an agreement between Clarkston and Asotin County for safety reasons. If an agreement is met, the local fire departments would assist each other when called upon.

"I'd like to see all this jockin' around with the egos and things thrown out and really hit the nail on the head and ask them if they're willing to have mutual aid with the citizens of Clarkston," said Beadles.

Mayor Kathleen Warren is writing a letter to Asotin County Fire District Number One commissioners in hopes of meeting to discuss some form of an agreement.

The Lewiston Fire Department, Asotin County Fire District Number One and City of Asotin Fire Department currently have a mutual aid agreement already in place.