Clarkston Classified Association brings moderator to bargaining table

CLARKSTON, WA - The Clarkston Classified Association and the Clarkston School District is going into mediations, after another recently failed session of bargaining.

A representative from the Washington Public Employee Relations Commission will moderate the bargaining so that both sides can reach an agreement. CCA Member Communications Coordinator Angie Gustafson said they weren't getting anywhere with the school district because their requests were not being heard. She said mediation is the next, and hopefully final step in this process.

"We will settle the contract quickly," said Gustafson. "Just as quickly as the administration listens to our concerns over student safety and the poverty wages our members are being paid by our employer."

Gustafson said they'd like to solidify a three-year contract in the next couple of weeks. Our calls to Superintendent Darcy Weisner were not returned.