Clarkston Classified Association member suspended

CLARKSTON, WA - A Clarkston Classified Association spokeswoman has been suspended from her job, raising concerns for union members as they enter into mediation with the Clarkston School District.

Angie Gustafson, a counselor at Grantham Elementary School is on an unpaid suspension for five days for alleged improper maintenance of student records. Gustafson confirmed with KLEW that a CCA newsletter, outlining the circumstances of her situation, is factually correct, however she could not comment on the matter further.

The newsletter suggests the school district decided to take action against Gustafson, an outspoken CCA member, when a poster started circulating. It depicts her and her son's salary - a comparison between a school counselor and a fast-food worker. The newsletter suggests the suspension is not a reflection of Gustafon's work as a counselor but consequences of her work with the union.

KLEW contacted superintendent Darcy Weisner. He did not return our calls.