Clarkston DECA students get a taste of the working world

CLARKSTON, WA - Clarkston High School students got a taste of the "real world" on Thursday at the annual DECA Take-over event by taking over some local businesses.

Assistant Store Director Blaine Thomas started out at Albertson's by working at a check stand for the DECA Takeover program.

"I went to Clarkston High School, went through the DECA program twelve years ago and never left," said Thomas. "Kind of like student Tyler Sidener who may be getting a job offer."

"I did a good job and I guess Bridget the manager, and some other courtesy clerk people, liked what I did so I'm going to probably get a job," said Sidener.

Roughly 120 Clarkston High School marketing students involved in the DECA program, worked in various positions Thursday at businesses all over Clarkston. Ten different companies trained students for seven days, and then threw them into the workforce as tellers, baggers and even managers.

"Anything from putting groceries in a bag, stocking shelves to cleaning, they get a total operations how insides of these four walls works and it's kind of a good experience for them," said Thomas.

Clarkston High School has one of the leading chapters in the DECA program in Washington State; possibly because of the hands on experience students receive.

Students involved started at around 8:30 a.m. and wrapped up their shifts just as school was getting out.