Clarkston DECA students learn the ropes of the business world with takeover

CLARKSTON, WA - DECA students from Clarkston High School are taking over businesses for two days.

Every year students from Clarkston High School learn the ropes of the business world. Thursday 177 students worked for eight different businesses... Lynn Carey is the DECA advisor. She said that the kids go through the entire hiring process... Train for nine days and then get some hands on experience in the workforce.

"They get an opportunity to see what a real day of work is like," said Carey. "They learn the skills that are involved with that particular job. In the end, some of them get summer employment and others just get to see what it's like to be in the workforce for a day."

Senior Sara Hale is working in the Bakery at Albertsons.

"I love DECA," said Hale. "I think it's a great opportunity and working the takeover is going to help me get a job and I'm hoping to apply at Albertsons, so it'll definitely help me with that."

Blaine Thomas developed an interest in DECA during his sophomore year of high school. He worked for Albertsons on his DECA Takeover Day when he was 16, and now he's the assistant manager. He said DECA helped him discover his career path.

"I can remember being in school and it's tough to make a decision about either going on to college or entering the workforce," said Thomas. "DECA will help you get on the right path making the right decision, whether it'll be perusing a career immediately or going to college, this program helps you with that."

Students of all grade levels are involved with DECA.

"It's super fun and I really enjoy it," said CHS Freshman,Alea Whol. "You learn a lot about marketing and other stuff."

"Its one of the most valuable classes that'll get you ready for the future and finding jobs," said CHS Freshman,Grace Frazier.

"They get to do a job," said Marketing/Comm Teacher, Margie Denton. "Some of them have never been employed or had to work for anyone, so this is a good experience foe them. Also, it teaches them accountability; how to get a job and keep it and all that it entails."

DECA has been around for 34 years and this is the 26th year students have taken over local businesses. They'll be working through the day Friday.