Clarkston homeowner will pay for County property and install guardrail

CLARKSTON, WA - We have new information about a story we first told you about earlier this month regarding a disagreement between the Asotin County Commission and a homeowner who found himself in the cross-hairs of a bad construction job.

The Board of Commissioners reached a resolution with Kent Criss by agreeing to sell him a small parcel of land.

Criss built a home on Valleyview Drive. However, last week at a public hearing, blame was placed on the contractor who failed to get a permit for building their driveway on county land. Criss received approval to keep his driveway, but he'll have to buy the eleven-foot strip of land from the county. He'll also have to build a guardrail for public safety.

"Have Mr. Criss pay for the cost of the vacation, the implementation of the guardrail, and then obviously the late permit fee would be doubled," said Asotin County Commissioner Jim Jeffords.

Criss told the commission rebuilding their driveway wasn't an option now that the house was built, because the drop is too steep to park cars in their current garage.