Clarkston officials count votes for Washington State Primary Election

CLARKSTON, WA - Washington State Primary Elections are underway as many members of the community continue to cast their votes.

"One vote really does count," said Asotin County Republican Election Observer Ann Gunkel.

Washington voters hit the polls across the state Tuesday to cast their ballots for the primary election. However, Asotin County Auditor Darla McKay said she expected more people to vote.

"It's not a very good turn out," said McKay. "We're roughly about 30 to 33% right now, and generally we are usually between 40 to 50% in a Primary."

County officials saw more than 900 voters cast their ballots before 1p.m. Tuesday afternoon, which was substantially higher then previous days.

"I want lots of ballots, lots," said Asotin County Democrat Election Observer Myrna Wiltse. "We were all disappointed the last few days. So, today, when 900 came in, it was just wonderful."

If you haven't yet cast your ballet, you have until eight o'clock this evening to cast your vote.

"It can change an election, plus, if you don't vote in the Primary, your person may not be on the general," said Gunkel.

This year, voters had the opportunity to cast their ballots at various drop boxes around the county.

"I think it's convenient for people to know that they can just drive by and drop their ballots off and they don't have to mail them," said City of Clarkston Clerk Treasurer Vickie Storey. "We've actually had people complain about having to buy a stamp in order to vote."

McKay said that 100 ballots takes about 15 minutes to scan and verify the accuracy of the registered voter's ballot.

"We have a lot of ballots coming in," said Gunkel. "The process is going very smooth."

Ballot deposit boxes are located around Asotin County for drop off ballots. Filled out ballots can be dropped off at the county auditor's office, in a deposit box behind Clarkston's City Hall and the parking lot behind Lincoln Middle School.

If you'd like to review this year's candidates, visit